Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Out of the water for the first time since launching

Tenacity is now out of the water and sitting in the cradles that she last used during building back at Bolton School. She is out of the water for routine maintenance to her hull.

After about 2 and a half years of sitting in the water it was impressive to see that the Leighs antifouling had done its job and all that was needed was a quick jet wash to get rid of the green slime.

The job of lifting her out was largely dealt with by the staff of Glasson Basin Marina, who were excellent as always, the lift was slower than planned and ended up with us having to remove the mizzen mast in order to get Tenacity balanced in the boat lift.
Maintenance will start over the coming weeks on those jobs identified during the last season of use with school groups.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

More Pics

More pics

Lucky Day

We woke up at 8 o’clock and had the best breakfast yet, it was pancakes with sugar, lemon and syrup (lots of syrup for Olivia). After breakfast we started a game of PEG where you have to secretly put a certain peg on someone (the game finishes tomorrow after breakfast) the person with the peg at this point looses, Ian quickly pegged James. We brushed our teeth and went for a very lucky walk with James. On our walk we found a total of 42 four leaf clovers, 2 five leaf and 1 six leaf clover after spending all morning looking. We walked down to the sea and looked at all the really old shipwrecks but couldn’t go to look because the sand around them was sinking sand (Mary told us later that the other week the boys had gone and got covered in mud how unfair). Then we threw rocks onto the sinking sand, a game James called ‘Spladoosh’ and then went to look at the tide. When we got back on Tenacity we sat down for a quiet game of cards whilst James made our lunch. After we wolfed down our hot dogs and potato wedges (also the best lunch) we got dressed for a sailing trip. We actually got the sails up today and Olivia, Megan and Madi finally got a go at steering the boat. We did not go very fast because the wind was not in our favor but we still went quite fast and it was very bumpy (well for our first time anyway). We stayed on the sea for about two hours then afterwards we cleaned the outside of the boat. That took maybe another hour and doing that we all had a mini water fight. It was great fun. We then went to the trek away toilets to have a shower. There were only 5 showers so Georgia and Megan had to wait 30mins to get in the shower. We all came back and played a game of uno IAN lost!! Then we had the best dinner ever made by the best skipper ever MARY!! By this time Ian had the peg again. For dinner we had Fish and chips. After dinner we had a chat and by the end of the day we were all tired and went to bed. We had the best day EVER!!

Lucky Day

We woke up at 8 o’clock and had the best breakfast yet, it was pancakes with sugar, lemon and syrup (lots of syrup for Olivia). After breakfast we started a game of PEG where you have to secretly put a certain peg on someone (the game finishes tomorrow after breakfast) the person with the peg at this point looses, Ian quickly pegged James. We brushed our teeth and went for a very lucky walk with James. On our walk we found a total of 42 four leaf clovers, 2 five leaf and 1 six leaf clover after spending all morning looking. We walked down to the sea and looked at all the really old shipwrecks but couldn’t go to look because the sand around them was sinking sand (Mary told us later that the other week the boys had gone and got covered in mud how unfair). Then we threw rocks onto the sinking sand, a game James called ‘Spladoosh’ and then went to look at the tide. When we got back on Tenacity we sat down for a quiet game of cards whilst James made our lunch. After we wolfed down our hot dogs and potato wedges (also the best lunch) we got dressed for a sailing trip. We actually got the sails up today and Olivia, Megan and Madi finally got a go at steering the boat. We did not go very fast because the wind was not in our favor but we still went quite fast and it was very bumpy (well for our first time anyway). We stayed on the sea for about two hours then afterwards we cleaned the outside of the boat. That took maybe another hour and doing that we all had a mini water fight. It was great fun. We then went to the trek away toilets to have a shower. There were only 5 showers so Georgia and Megan had to wait 30mins to get in the shower. We all came back and played a game of uno IAN lost!! Then we had the best dinner ever made by the best skipper ever MARY!! By this time Ian had the peg again. For dinner we had Fish and chips. After dinner we had a chat and by the end of the day we were all tired and went to bed. We had the best day EVER!!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

We're sinking.......

Today we had an early start with Jess shouting ‘we’re sinking, we’re sinking’. It was only a false alarm. Just the toilet being flushed. After our traumatic start we were back on our feet with a lovely breakfast of cereal and eggy bread. We all gathered round the table and finally were told we could sail. YIPPEE!!!!!!! Starboard went down to the kitchen and made tiffin (a load of sugary niceness) whilst Port prepared the boat for sailing on our big voyage to Fleetwood. After that we all got kitted out and prepared ourselves for the longest wait of our lives, because the lock gates were meant to open at 11:45 but we ended up waiting until 12:15 when the lock keeper finally arrived to open the gates. We were finally on the move! We set sail into the Irish Sea all the way to Fleetwood. We had loads of fun and got some great pictures especially when we got to drive the boat. When we were nearly at Fleetwood we got call on the radio to say someone had stolen our parking space (The cheek) so as a result of that we had quite a bit of trouble parking the boat. When everything was eventually done we all had a relax until problem number two arrived. We were having a nice sunbathe when Jess was told to open a window. She decided to go inside to do it but instead dropped the hatch on her fingers. OUCH. We were all in the kitchen looking at jesses blue sausage fingers. Mary, Ian and James made the decision that jess should be taken on a 20 minute walk to hospital. After a long nail biting wait of two hours jess finally returned with her blue sausage finger safely taped together. They were thankfully not broken but very badly bruised she is now making the fastest recovery ever and is just as hyper as usual. We ended the day with a fantastic meal of turkey and broccoli korma followed by apple crumble without the crumble and custard. Afterwards we played cards and eventually after the best day yet we went to bed.


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Ian was wrong!

Today we had a little lie in. We were awoken at 8 am and we got dressed and had breakfast. For breakfast we had a modern continental breakfast selection including a bacon butty with ketchup. Then we sat down and looked at the weather forecast and another bad day for sailing so instead we went for a walk to see the sea that was to ruff to sail on. On the walk jess found a golf ball so we spent the most of the walk bouncing a ball in the wind. Ian insisted that the ball had rubber bands in it so when we got back to the boat we cracked it open to found that Ian was totally WRONG! It was actually filled with a hard plastic centre. By this time lunch had to be made and it was starboard to make it. We had sandwiches, crisps and cookies from yesterday. Then lovely Mary, Ian and James started whispering across the table to each other and made us put our fingers in our ears and hum, so we couldn’t hear them, so we did. Then they told us that instead of taking the sailing boat out we would get to ride the dinghy but then the bad news, we had to clean while the other group went out but it didn’t turn out so bad it was sort of fun. 40mins later it was time for starboard to ride the dinghy. It was amazing! We spun round in circles, made waves and just went really fast. But it started to get cold so we headed back to the boat. We then used the winches to get the dinghy back on Tenacity. We were all so tired so we had an hour of down time and played cards and headed off for a shower in the Marina. Port then started to prepare dinner (spag bol) YUM! While the rest of us played cards and chatted. Dinner was served! It was gorgeous almost all of us had second helpings. After our amazing dinner we had the best homemade rice pudding made by the best skipper ever MARY!!! Cards after dinner again, it was great fun! Everyone getting tired 10pm time for bed.
By Georgia and Madi

Monday, 19 October 2009

The famous Tenacity TIFFIN!!

400g Chocolate
200g butter
4 tablespoons of Golden Syrup
Chopped up marshmallows
400-500g of roughly crushed digestive biscuits (choc hob nobs work well too)

Melt the chocolate, butter and syrup in a pan, (add a little water so it doesn’t catch). In a separate bowl crush the biscuits and mix in the marshmallows, then add the chocolate mixture.
Spread into a non stick tin and allow to cool.

Knotty knots!!!

After our arrival last night we were shown around Tenacity and introduced to our lovely skipper Mary and the mates. We had dinner (bangers and mash followed by chocolate fudge cake – YUM!), played cards and planned for the week. Then we settled in to our cabins but could not get to sleep because we could hear a ticking noise and we thought it was a scary baddie coming to get us (it turned out to be the ropes tapping on the mast in the wind). Our cabins are the bow and the stern, we got to sleep just after 11’oclock…

This morning we woke up just after seven we got changed whilst starboard prepared breakfast, cereal, scrambled eggs and toast, after that we discussed the weather forecast and planned for the week. To our disappointment we then found out that we could not sail today because of gale force winds! Instead, we got our waterproof equipment and lifejacket on and went through all of the safety equipment in and outside of the boat; also playing a few games like: how many safety things can you spot. In addition we dekitted ourselves and port prepared the sandwiches. We then put into practice moving the boat to and from the mooring which proved to be quite difficult! We had to step off with the ropes and wrap them around cleats, to stop the boat. Towards late afternoon, the weather improved slightly, as we split into two groups port baking and starboard practicing knots. Port made chocolate chip and ginger cookies. Next both teams met up, starboard taught port how to do a figure of 8, clove hitch, round turn and 2 half hitches and bowline Knots. We then had a mini test.
In the evening Port were able to have showers and starboard made our dinner. For dinner we had caramelized pork, special sauce, rice and vegetables. Pudding was delicious, we had chocolate fondue. After dinner we played cards, then went to bed.

Written by Jess and Ellie

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Thursday, 15 October 2009

We Caught a Fish!

Finally, a fish! Hannah M and Hannah W caught a fish with their teamwork skills; they called it JimBob McCracken-Waters!

This morning, as a team, we all cleaned up the boat. Next, we all had a drive of the dingy. We each got a score out of 10, from Ian, of how we drove and parked the dinghy. Harriet got 9 ¾, therefore becoming the winner. Several games of poohead (card game) later, we went on deck to wait for a lifeboat to zoom down the ramp. Unfortunately, we are still waiting. Mary was very disappointed as she had waited from previous Tenacity trips to see this.

We couldn't sail today because there was not enough wind. Starboard cooked flapjacks and rocky road and they were both YUMMMYYY! After having spuds and several fillings for lunch, we went on another trip in the dinghy to the island. For three whole, fun, hours we played Sardine Protector! Hannah M was upset when she got found by everyone twice. We then had a snack and continued playing. After collecting mussels and getting very muddy we climbed back into the dinghy and headed back to Tenacity. We then cleaned ourselves with sea water.

For the rest of the evening we fished and chilled out while Port made tea. We had fish, chips, peas and sweet corn, which we were very surprised with when Rhiannon ate her vegetables.
Sadly, we had to set JimBob free in the evening. We all got our lifejackets on and had a ceremony for the fish, but then noticed he wasn't there. We all cried. Then Sam owned up that he had hid the fish in another bucket of water. We all cheered! On the other hand, we still had to set him free. We all said goodbye to JimBob and set him to the big blue ocean where he belongs!

The voyage begins....

We woke up this morning at 6:00 to a strange alarm clock (Sam singing ‘Good morning’, which is not very good!). We think he is TONE DEAF!! We got changed and devoured some cereal quickly because we had to get on deck ready and set for this once in a life time opportunity. It took FOREVER to exit the very time consuming loch, like half an hour!! We gave the gate keeper a sausage buttie.
After hours on end we finally reached the Irish Sea. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sail due to lack of wind so we motored away on our journey to Piel Island. Simultaneously motoring, we played a very unusual game of charades where I (Ailish) acted hilariously as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Will Smith. Hannah got tired so we went to the cock pit and had a few Hob Nobs and Jaffa Cakes! Minted. Some of us even got to steer the boat after our biscuit eating session. In this time we saw some dolphins leaping in the water. We also saw seals sunbathing on land and on buoys.
When we were full a few of us fished. Hannah (super fisher-woman) got so into it that she “aggravated the fish” and “snapped the line!” Sam had to fix it. Due to the lack of fish-and our bad skills-we stopped fishing. For we failed in catching any and we kind of sucked.
Then, we anchored near the Piel Island. Land ahoy! It took 4 hours and 45 minutes to get there. It seemed like two days. After lunch failed due to the oven going out and not cooking the jacket potatoes we had hot dogs-AGAIN (no fish caught yet).
We went to Piel Island in the RIB. All the kids played hide and seek and sardines. It was great! We had bourbon biscuits and JUICE! (Still no fish).
Once we had got back we played Poo Head (a card game). Jainee (the ultimate winner) became the Poo Head. A failure she was. But she is pretty great at that game.
Then we had a delish tea (Chicken Korma) with naan bread. (we still caught no fish) and for supper we had apple crumble!
To end the day we resolved it with a great game of poo head!!!

By Ailish and Florence

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Quick Message from Patterdale Hall

Just had a call from Mary, she is struggling with a poor signal tonight and so is unable to post the blog. Everyone on board is fine and Tenacity is anchored up at Peil Island near Barrow, see the map below, and the weather is nice and calm so they are expecting a quiet night. Hopefully they will get better signal tomorrow and will be able to post the real blog.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Is it still only Tuesday???

This morning the two teams (port and starboard) woke up at 7:30 AGAIN!! Port made breakfast which was made up of cereal and bacon butties. After we had recovered from our wake up we went up to main deck to do some series training. We learnt how to get out and put back the sails and then we did some races and Group 3 (Harriet, Florence & Jainee) won race 1 with a staggering 23 seconds! While the group 1 (Hannah, Ailish & Rhiannon) trailed 48 seconds. Then we moved onto the mizzen which we only had 2 goes on because we were getting a bit too competitive! Then it was time for a well earned lunch which was sandwiches, crisps and soup (which starboard made). Callum, one of our instructors left us and Ian replaced him. All the kids are obsessed with tricks we learned, including a pen trick, and two rope tricks (don’t worry we’ll teach you when we get back).
Later on we split into 3 groups of three. We rotated different activities including tying ropes, going out on a dinghy, and having a shower! We all got to steer the dinghy, however there were some very close calls, including some other very expensive yachts. While the third group was out and about in the dinghy the first group played cheat and solitaire card games. Then we had a rest (5 mins). We were called up to the main deck to clean the boat. We were split into twos’. Two cleaned the heads (loo’s), two cleaned the galley (kitchen), two hovered, and two filled up the water tanks (took about an hour). Then port made dinner which took a ridiculously long time. We ate spaghetti bolognaise. We found that two of the instructors had very annoying habits we just had to point out and tease them about:
Sam, who when picks up some food has to talk while it’s on his fork and took ages eating.
Callum, who twitches at breakfast time.
We haven’t found out any of Ian’s bad habits yet…
We have nicknames for the instructors…Sam: Samantha/Marge/Sobo, Ian hasn’t got one yet. Callum: Twitchy/Camilla.
All is well on the boat! :D
From Hannah Waters and Harriet Gribbin

Monday, 12 October 2009

Settling in...

Last night we arrived at tenacity at about 6pm. We settled in and had bangers and mash with a big fat chocolate cake it was delicious! We unpacked and settled in. We talked for a while , well all night really! We got woken up at 7:30 and ended up being very late for breakfast. Ha ha. We went up on deck at 9:30a.m. And put our waterproof clothing on and a life jacket. We then got given safety lines and secured them to a black rope on the floor. We were split up into teams Port and Starboard, and did a little assault course. We had to go over rope obstacles and clip our selves back on again after every rope. Port won 2-1. We had elevenzeeeees (11:00 snack) (biscuits and juice). We then got showed around the boat’s wheel house and deck. We threw life rings and Dan buoy in practicing just in case someone fell in! So far no one has thankfully. After we sat down for some lunch (however I (Hannah.M) wasn’t feeling so well , so I went to sleep for a while), the others did some more activities. We went back up onto deck and got showed how to tie the boat onto the jetty in the harbor. Mary drove the boat around the harbor and we all took it in turns to tie the boat to the jetty. When everyone had had their turn, we put the end of the rope into a spiral shape on the jetty, obviously Nichole. K’s was the best. Sam said they were a work of art. When we had finished we made cookies then ate them mmmmm...! Then we set out for a walk. We were telling jokes to Sam on the way but they were absolute rubbish, ha ha. We saw a great view and some plaques which showed us were some islands were. Starboard team prepared tea. We had pork chops with stir fry and rice, and chocolate fondue with fruit for dessert. Me and Sam had a fight for the fruit and it went everywhere! The washing up took a while AGAIN!! Me and Hannah took the rubbish out to the big Biffa bins twice at about 8:00p.m. In the pitch black, the first time we both got freaked out by the ghostly boat at the end of the jetty, and I said ‘wouldn’t it be scary if someone jumped out of the bin!? … ‘Then as we were walking past the toilets, the door rattled open and this freaky old duuddeee came out. Me and Hannah screamed, and pegged it to the bins as fast as we could, then ran back across the jetty. The second time, we took a torch and to keep our selves happy sang ‘always look on the bright side of life, D’DO, D’DO D’DO D’DO!’ as we were running. It was quite funny… overall it was a great day! Xxx

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Thursday, 8 October 2009

The return to Glasson......

Today we returned to Glasson after a long night at Piel Island. It was an eventful journey as half of us felt sick and three of us were, we also got the jib sail out to stabilize the boat. It was quite rough with a few rolling waves but Tenacity fared well. It was a long and tiring trip, the up side was that we got to drive the boat. On the journey back we saw quite a lot seals. It took us four hours to get back to the dock. We had quite an audience entering the lock. Most of them had life insurance but it made their day. After we moored up we scrubbed the decks, all of which the crew got wet. After we played poo head (a card game). At dinner, which we had battered haddock and chips, everyone calmed down and we chilled out. Then we made pancakes and all had a go at tossing them. After we’d eaten the pancakes the instructors gave us riddles to think about. We cleared up and at half past ten we went to bed thinking about tomorrow and the riddles we were unable to figure out.

Nine very tired Buoys

Today we woke up early after a long day on Tuesday. For breakfast we had cereal and eggy bread which we saw later in the day. We were issued with jobs which some of us didn’t like. We prepared the boat so we could set off at noon. The first obstacle we encountered was the lock, in which we had an audience of angry locals. We spent an hour in the River Lune and when we finally reached the sea we were met with big waves. Two hours in to the journey, some people were unwell. Oliver chucked up and we saw our lunch and part of our breakfast which brought back memories. One by one we had the opportunity to go to the bow (front) and stood on the bow Sprit. Also we had a chance to steer the boat for about twenty minutes. We reached our destination after five hours of sailing and chucking, dropped the anchor and had a watery Chicken Korma. For pudding we had crispy cake and custard then we settled down for the night.
By Tom Watton and Alex Johnson

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Quick update from Patterdale Hall

Just a quick post to let everyone reading that Tenacity is anchored up next to Peil Island. Everything is OK but they have been stuggling to get enough mobile signal to post their blog tonight, Mary has therefore asked me to put this quick message on for you all. The real blog with pictures will be posted tomorrow hopefully when they return to Glasson. Forecast overnight suggests that they should have a quiet night and a good run back to Glasson tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Hoods up and sails out...

Poking was the main technique for waking people up on this wet and cold day. The grey clouds and rain were making it feel like a day back home in Bolton, other than that everything was dandy. There was to be no sailing today because the wind had reached Force 6. We staggered up to the top of mount Tenacity to find lots and lots of rain. Lovely, but that didn’t stop us getting out. However, the thought of the lovely warm ginger biscuits that were coming up later helped. We learnt the names of the sails and how to put them up, and had a fun time racing each other in 3 teams to take out and pull in two of the sails, the monster (the mizzen) and the gerbil (the jib). The next activity on the agenda was making lunch and a game of ‘poo head’ with a pack of cards.
Then we took turns in our 3 teams again of riding and learning to drive the dinghy. We learnt how to drive safely around the basin, then did reverse doughnuts and finished with practicing ‘man overboard’ rescues with a buoy. Apparently it is a proven matter that Aaron, will go purple going in circles at 23 mph, no sorry 2.3 mph. More practicing of tying knots followed and then baking delicious ginger biscuits, tiffin and a pretty little cornflake cake. We had pasta bolognaise for tea made by Dominic and Bertie, followed by rice pudding made by Dominic, Tom, Aaron and Mary. Then we went to beddie by time…

By Bertie and Jack

(apologies for no photos, it was a bit wet!! Mary)

Monday, 5 October 2009

We woke up today at 7 o’clock and waited for breakfast to be cooked, by Sam Critchlow and Tom Watton. When we went to eat breakfast, we struggled to get our legs around the table because it was such a tight fit. After we had eaten breakfast Jack Key and Oliver Hoare washed up. After washing up we went up on deck, to find the sun shining beautifully and were told to get waterproofs, salopettes and lifejackets which we wore while doing loads of different exercises by clipping our selves onto the boat. For our lunch we had sandwiches and vegetable soup. We learnt how to moor a boat by tying the boat onto the quayside by driving around the marina. When we had done the mooring exercises we learnt how to tie different knots like the bowline and the figure of eight and the round turn and two half hitches. Later we had tea which was caramelized pork fillets with rice and stir fried vegetables, and for dessert we had chocolate fondue.
Written by Aaron Winstanley and Oliver Hoare.

Week 3

All aboard safe and sound, looking a little tired this morning ready for an action packed day.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Another action packed Day at Sea

Today we had an early start after being woken at 5:30am. We had a bowl of cereal, then put on our oil-skins and went up on deck. Paul, Stefan and Andy, helped raise the anchor. Then the engine was put into gear and we motored away from Peil Island down the channel, guided by lots of red and green buoys and the slow sun rise.
Mary steered at first, and then Chris had a go. The waves, however, were growing around us and with them brought only one seasickness. Stefan again!
Joe then attempted steering for the first time and was excellent, keeping the waves behind us and pushing up our speed to over 10 knots. Abhinav then also tried steering for the first time, and steered a shortcut, using Blackpool Tower as a landmark to aim for. He then also in the deepest waters of our trip-over 50 meters.
We then headed over towards Heysham Power Station, constantly looking for the buoys that marked the entrance to the river Lune and Glasson Dock. We passed another ship at anchor also waiting to enter the harbor. Her name was Ben Allen. We continued up the Lune in calm waters and a Pilot boat passed by us, ready to assist the Ben Allen. Then a really weird wave similar to a bore wave (but in the wrong direction) formed with the tide, as we sailed by.
Mary then performed the sharp turn into the lower basin of Glasson Dock, where a true and helpful Lancastrian, the harbor master, assisted us in mooring up. This is where we were to wait for the lock to be readied, for our ascent into the upper basin. The Ben Allen then came into the basin with only less than a foot to spare on the sea walls.
We then ascended the lock, after the Ben Allen had performed a turn. The ascent took only a few minutes, with Mary still at the helm in control of everything going on. After leaving the lock we swung Tenacity round and moored her at her berth in the Harbor basin.
After a long morning we ate an early lunch in the sunshine on deck. We had jacket potatoes with left over Spaghetti Bolognaise and Cheese and Beans. Then Paul washed all the oil–skins and hung them to dry, whilst the others went on a fishing expedition, with the success of a few bites for Stefan, Peter and Abhinav. Then the baking commenced with Mary and Paul making Tiffin cake. After some free time on deck, dinner was put under way, Matthew and Abhinav cooking the curry, Abhinav chopping up the raw chicken and peppers, and Matthew chopping up the onions and cooking the curry. Dinner was to be Chicken Korma with rice and naan bread, followed by Tiffin Cake. After the ‘feast’ everyone began to get changed for bed – the end of another action packed day and a great trip!

By Paul Greenhalgh, Abhinav Kumar and Stefan Smaczylo


Today we finally set sail. We left Fleetwood at about quarter to ten and we went through the bridge and the locks under power. Once out of the locks we navigated through the channel still under power with eyes constantly looking at the depth gauge underneath the keel. When we got out of the channel we got out the mizzen followed by the gib and finally the main sail. As soon as all the sails were out the boat instantly started to heel. We had to put in a few tacks since to get to the buoy we needed to go against the wind on a beat. This also meant that we were against some large(ish) swells. This inevitably lead to sea sickness, first to fall was Stephan, followed by Joe Winrow, Imran Ahmed, Peter, and Stephan (again). When we finally reached Peil Island we got out the rib from the back of the boat and went to the island itself. When Andy went to get the last load off Tenacity the lifeboat came off the ramp and roared past. While on the island we explored the castle and played a few games of hide and seek and followed by a completely random game, courtesy of Andy, in which we stood in a square and attempted to touch each other’s shoes. On the way back to the boat we went to see the pigs that lived on the island, they were quite cute. Benito also found a new friend to play with, (i.e. a toy duck he conned out of three really cute black Labradors). While the first load went on the rib back to Tenacity they were greeted back on board by the return of the lifeboat roaring up the ramp again. As we are writing this blog the wind speed gauge is starting to touch 25 knots.
By Matthew Taylor and Peter Mackin

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stuck to the jetty!

When we arose early this morning we indulged ourselves with a bowl of cereal and a mouthwatering sausage sandwich. After we had got dressed, we gathered around the table and discussed our route to Piel Island on the chart. After our route plan, it was time for us to make some bread which we ate for lunch, accompanied by some cream of vegetable soup.
After our delicious lunch, it was time to get to work, and one of our groups (port) filled the one thousand litre tank of water. The rest of us were out on the deck practicing tying knots. Later, when we were motoring around Fleetwood dock, we had an exciting moment when the front of the boat got caught on the jetty. Luckily Mary and Andy managed to free her by using a long rope and a winch.
Finally, we had to learn how to set the Mizzen up. Next, we had a race which team could put it up the fastest, team three won; as a prize they were able to have a shower first. After a long hard day we ate our evening meal, pasta bolognaise ready for tomorrow.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Learning the ropes

We arrived at 7pm Sunday, had tea, unpacked and went to bed. We had sausage, mash and gravy for tea. Made by Joe, Imran, Matthew and Benito. Our Skipper on the boat, Mary, helped us make a brilliant meal. After that we had a small talk on how to use the toilet and then we went to bed.
Today was eventful. Firstly, we learnt how to clip ourselves to the boat and move easily around without risk of falling off. After that we were divided into two watches. Port and Starboard. Mary made up a Rota on which watch had which chores. In teams of three, we then learnt how to put up and take down the Gibb (the sail at the front of the boat). Port then made lunch (sandwiches with fillings of our choice and Tomato Soup) and, straight after, Starboard went for a ride on the Dingy. Meanwhile Port made Cookies, which, once Starboard returned, everyone enjoyed. Filled up by Port’s brilliant speciality, we then swapped and Port went on the Dingy while Starboard learnt how to tie a variety of knots.
After Port had returned, we all suited up and went for a walk to the far side of the Marina. On the return journey we took a detour to look at some dilapidated boats, which stood rotting at the edge of the sea-line. Unfortunately, we got covered in mud and had to be hosed down when we got back. We then played cards while Starboard prepared tea. This takes us here, writing the blog - while Starboard wash up - waiting for our Chocolate Fondue. We hope you enjoyed reading our Blog for the first two days.
By Imran Ahmed and Joe Winrow.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Thursday, 24 September 2009


At the start of the day, we had breakfast. For breakfast we had eggy bread and cereal. Later on in the day we all learned how to set up the mizzen sail, the sail at the back. We learned 3 different parts in the sail, we learned the mizzen sheet, the reef line and the outhaul, and then we had lunch, for lunch we had baked potatoes, baked beans and cheese. Shortly after lunch, at 1 o’clock we tried to get out the marina but unfortunately the lock controller was unable to open the lock because the tide was too small, so they had to let us out late. Consequently we were too late to get to Glasson dock, however, instead of turning around, we all had a turn at steering the boat, and while we were waiting we ate a gorgeous Tiffan! After roughly 2 hours we returned to Fleetwood. When we got back, we cleaned up the deck. At 7 o’clock we had fish and chips for tea, for desert we had chocolate cake. At the end of the day it has got to have been one of the best weeks on a boat ever not just for me but for everyone.

BY: Daniel Cook and Matthew Boyers

An abortive attempt to get back to Glasson.

Piel Island, or not?

After breakfast we filled up the water tanks ready for a day at sea. Starboard watch went in the dingy whilst Port cleaned the boat from bow to stern and then Port went on the dingy and Starboard baked ginger cookies. When Port got back from the dingy we had lunch which was hotdogs and vegetable soup. When we wanted to get out to sea there was a thirty minute delay due to the lock gate opening late. We then let go of the side and finally we got out to sea and Johnny had a go at steering the boat he was actually really good! We tried to sail but it was very rough again so we turned round and came back to Fleetwood. The whole crew were a little disappointed but at least we didn’t have to keep going with the big waves for another three hours and we didn’t get as wet as yesterday. After we had docked we had to plug into the main electrics but the wire was a bit short and so we moved the boat forward and we got electricity plugged in, it took a bit longer than we hoped but it was fine. As soon as we had plugged in we put the kettle on for a quick cuppa for the staff. Later on we went for a walk out of the dock to the estuary and got very muddy, on the way back to the boat we all sat in a line on the jetty and dunked our wellies in the water. When we got back on board Starboard put on a Turkey Korma and an apple crumble (it was lovely jubbly) and everyone enjoyed it. Ian taught us how to throw a figure of eight knot some people got it and others didn’t!
By Henry & Harry

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wet 'n' windy

Today we started off by having breakfast, sausages and cereal! Now with coco pops!! Next we went for fuel. One watch stayed on the boat and dealt with the fenders whilst Port watch helped with the mooring lines on the jetty. We also took onboard more water.
After this we circled round the marina until the lock gates were open, we sailed through to the middle of the lock and waited for the water to come down to the lower basin level. Whilst that was happening we ate our lunch. Everyone was excited about going out to sea. From there I guess it was plain sailing, until…
Then the waves started to get really rough and big waves started to hit the bow and the 5 people at the bow had to move into the cockpit and clip on with the safety lines and some others were at the stern. People started to put their heads out of the cover and get hit by the sprays and Daniel got absolutely drenched on his first go at facing the spray which was hilarious. Then we turned into the channel before going into the cover of the sand bank, when we turned into the channel the wind and waves were coming from the starboard side and tipping the boat up to roughly 40 degrees which was very frightening. We were in the rough seas for about an hour.
Eventually we sailed into calmer seas and then we took the safety lines off and in about 15 minutes we moored up in Fleetwood docks. After that 3 people off port watch prepared tea which was pasta and bolognaise and for dessert we had rice pudding then we went for showers.

Wet and Wild!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Action packed day at Glasson

Yesterday we arrived at Glasson dock and got on the boat at 6pm. We were introduced to the crew and the boat we found our beds and got the best. We didn’t do much after that and the first meal was bangers and mash (which was very good) and we all slept like a log and were woken up by Ian at 7:30 which was hard because everybody was up quite late.
Breakfast was amazing it was scrambled egg and toast. First thing this morning we got are Sailing kit which consisted of salopettes and a waterproof top. Once we had our kit on we went through some safety features on the boat, also we learnt how to put up a sail, cook and what the different side of the boat are e.g. Stern, bow, port and starboard side. After we learnt to put up the sail which everybody found easy. At dinner we had vegetables and caramelized pork and are about to have a chocolate fondue and we also hope to sail to peel island tomorrow.
By Ben & James

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Friday, 28 August 2009

Friday 28th August

After a mammoth task of cleaning the boat, and a brunch of sausage butties, Duke of Edinburgh is over for us!!! The trip has indeed, Teammate Laura, ‘been a whirlwind of emotions’. 310 Nautical Miles, motoring for only 46 hours, sailing under extremely wild conditions ie wind speed 40kn – the highest the boat has ever been sailed in, reaching the most northerly and westerly points that Tenacity has ever reached and the first crew to do a 24 hour sail on Tenacity. We definitely beat last weeks ‘disabled group’ (their words not ours!) – so here are some of the things that we have learnt:

· Ropes are affected by gravity
· We can do an amazing basking shark impression
· Loud singing of school hymns is the best cure for sea sickness
· Locks are fun until the 10th one in a row
· Night sailing is an amazing experience
· Fenders make excellent space hoppers
· You can’t OD on travel sickness bands – but you can on Kwells
· Cleaning the cooker should be avoided at all costs (this is happening at this very moment)
· Tenacity was an amazing experience which we will never forget!
We would like to thank Teammate George for her wicked sense of humour and helping keep the team in high spirits at all times, Teammate Phil for his incredible cooking (less so for his jokes…) and the legend that is Captain Col for keeping us safe and not-so-dry for nine days! They have been amazing and have really made our trip!

Thanks for reading our Blog teammates, Teammate Beth, Teammate Amy, Teammate Jenny, Teammate Cat, Teammate Lou, Teammate Lizzie, Teammate Laura, Teammate Kate

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday 27th August

WHAT A DAY!!! It was 5.15 on Wednesday morning, and hurricane Bill had arrived! The gale force winds were howling and rain was pounding as the boat rocked in supposedly bomb-proof Loch Ryan. Captain Col posted a blog, which you all read before we did…soooo, you all knew what was going on before we even got up…ie, instead of leaving at 6am, we postponed our departure until Bill had died. A lie-in was greatly appreciated, and brunch was served at around 11.30. Deciding that we would need perking up during the next few days, we went to Tesco to buy some ingredients for 2 cakes! 8 girls in multicoloured wellies, trying to buy a packet of marshmallows, some milk and some chocolate digestives through the self-service check out, paying in 20ps, got some strange looks. The cakes were a great success, although teammate Lizzie insisted her cake wasn’t burning until teammate Kate, in disbelief, found the cake was burnt to a cinder in the oven…luckily, expert buttercream-maker Kate made some to cover up the burnt bits. By 4 o’clock BILL WAS DEAD, so we set sail for our 24 hour epic adventure (define adventure, said Captain Col). Port watch started on their 4 hour watch, whilst Starboard attempted to fall asleep in the very large swell that Bill had left behind. At around 7.30, the chilli expertly made by teammate Lizzie the day before was warmed up and the whole crew gathered for their evening meal on deck. This was a slightly tricky experience, and included teammate Laura throwing orange juice all over teammate George’s trousers, and the basking sharks being provided with a tasty supper. At 8pm, Port watch journeyed downstairs. They were told by Captain Col that they should remove their waterproofs and get into bed quickly to prevent sea sickness. This lead to the quickest removal of waterproofs ever seen on Tenacity, which was made especially difficult by teammate Kate’s 18 layers of clothes! The team also had to put up strange fabric shields on their beds to prevent rolling onto the floor in the middle of the night. Meanwhile up on deck, Starboard watch watched the sunset, and had a first experience of a night sail. Teammate George spotted some amazing phosphorescent plankton in the wake of the boat, which was absolutely mesmorising. At one point teammate Cat journeyed down to the toilet, only to fall asleep whilst putting her lifejacket back on, due to the excessive amounts of kwells she had consumed…then SOME IDIOT put her in charge of steering! Teammate George questioned, “why are we suddenly veering off to the right??!!” . At midnight, Starboard crew headed down for a well earned rest (for some people anyway!), whilst Port headed back up to deck for the accurately named “graveyard watch”…12am-4am. The first 2 hours were great, having also discovered the plankton, and seeing the perfect night sky with a full view of the milky way. They entertained themselves by playing Charades, which was difficult due to the lack of light, and teammate Phil’s attempts at “Encyclopedia Britannica”..which teammate Beth still claims she got half of. The second 2 hours were spent freezing (even by teammate Kate, who experienced being “dead and morbidly obese at the same time” thanks to her 18 layers) and much more quietly, as the crew ended up like Sardines on deck. At 4, Starboard crew got back up to see glorious shooting stars, and take the boat through the sunrise to 8 o’clock. Teammate Cat was as good company as last time!!! Teammates Amy, Lizzie and Laura spent time impersonating the Scottish coastguard, and various other accents including a scouser in McDonalds (Laura, Laura, do chicken mcnuggets and a mcflurry in your accent!) and our fave welsh physicist (eg, I’ve got an ideeea…it’s called SHUTUP)! The team tried to snooze a bit, but were relieved at 8am when they could go downstairs for a sleep. Port watch headed back up, and were thrilled to see a pod of dolphins (Starboard watch were very jealous). Everyone was relieved to reach Peel Island 2 hours before schedule, allowing a yummy breakfast of frosties and eggy bread. At 11.45, we left to reach Glasson. We spotted seals and Blackpool tower in the distance. The excitement of sailing petered out, as we travelled just 1.4 nautical miles in an hour in an attempt to get into Glasson at the correct time. A quick game of family fortunes proved hilarious, and we arrived, relieved and exicted at 5.45. (however, teammate Laura was distressed that the lock keeper had been preoccupied with attending to the giant green Irish cargo boat rather than preparing our lock). After a mammoth sail of 120 miles in 25 hours, we arrived!!!! We are now off for a well earned pub tea! 1 more blog tomorrow See you then teammates! xoxo

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Wednesday 26th August

Quick update. We decided not to set off this morning at the planned 06.00 start. When we awoke the forecasts and the weather here in Stranraer, had worsened and the wind diretion had backed to a rather inconvienient SE direction. Wind speed and direction is forecasted to ease and veer to a more useful direction later but for now it is back to bed before planning where we might be able to head for when the weather sorts itself out.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tuesday 25th August

After the huge day yesterday, we were all relieved to get a lie-in until around 9.30 or 10. After waking up so late, we were slightly disappointed to realise that the weather wouldn’t allow us to do any sailing today, due to Hurricane Bill approaching nearby. The morning brought disappointment for teammate Phil, as he realised that the mackerel he caught yesterday had been stolen by a hungry seagull overnight. Despite his distress, he managed to rustle up a delicious brunch which included eggy bread (Capt Col was disgusted that most of the team wanted icing sugar on top) and bacon. Some of the team were relieved to get a relaxing day (teammates Catherine and Amy) but we soon realised that it wouldn’t be a day of playing Articulate, Perudo and baking cakes. Instead, we had to clean the boat from heads (!!!) to toe. Teammate Kate was a very able toilet-cleaner, although she got a little stressed about removing hair from the drains. The decks were sparkling clean, after a thorough scrub. A trip to Tesco restocked eggs and chocolate, and gave us some fresh magazine material including our favourite article, read enthusiastically by Amy, “25 year old mum:-My hubby pensioner gets more gorgeous with age!” and gave us a break from the cleaning. The team decided not to buy any more fresh milk due to the fact that the UHT milk from Tesco actually tasted like normal milk!! When we arrived back from the shopping trip, we looked down the hatch to see Colin stuck in an uncompromising position below the floor in the saloon (weird name for a lounge/bedroom/kitchen, we know), so we helped him by taking many pictures! A tea of fish and chips (although proving a bit temperamental to cook) was very well received, as was Phil’s interesting word derivation stories, which had teammates Beth and Catherine in stitches. Unfortunately we may not be able to complete a blog tomorrow, because we are hoping to sail for twenty four hours, which although a scary thought, will hopefully get us safely back into Glasson on Thursday afternoon, keep your eye on the tracker maps! See you then teammates!! xoxo

Monday, 24 August 2009

Monday 24th August

Today was extremely tiring but very satisfying to complete! We completed a total of around 85 miles, most of which we actually sailed! This morning began very early at 5:30 on deck for starboard watch, port were lucky and had a little lie in to 6 but made scrambled eggs for those on watch, however these were in fact mostly eaten by those who had cooked them! By the time port watch were above deck we were feeling quite chilly and decided to keep warm by numerous aerobics actions, including star jumps and the now famous ‘tree’ yoga position, surprisingly difficult on a rocking boat! Hide and seek was also entertaining if easy… We began sailing when the conditions were favourable, but were tacking for most of day due to the wind direction. One annoying, yet amusing, experience was the seeming continual reappearance of one particular large rocky outcrop in the middle of the sea, Ailsa Craig. We seemed to be travelling around this rock all day and for all we know could’ve sailed around it numerous times! One particular highlight was the appearance of a basking shark, which we sailed towards and were lucky enough for it to pass right by the boat, literally metres from us! It was huge and the outline of its mouth in the water prompted ‘ommmmm’ impressions for the rest of the day. After this brief break from our journey we continued South. It was at this point that morale began to drop due to the cold weather, spray from the waves and most probably lack of food. A hot chocolate provided by teammate George helped the situation with marshmallows it was very nice. Gradually teammates disappeared below deck to make dinner, an excellent curry, or simply due to the cold. Only teammates Louise, Laura and Jenny remained to help moor, in the dark, which completed our set off in the dark this morning! Well done team, in total 16 hours of sailing completed!!!! See you tomorrow xoxo

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday 23rd August

After waking up halfway down the Crinan Canal, we had to manoeuver away from the jetty, which proved difficult, owing to the boat that was moored right next to us! However, we overcame this challenge despite the rain, and continued down the canal. We are now all expert lock-openers-especially teammates Beth, Laura and Lizzie’s hand jiving when opening them, so getting our boat through 5 or 6 locks proved simple, if slightly wet and hard work. The rain provided an opportunity to make full use of Colin’s very cool waterproof camera! Snacks of jelly “children” and choc chip cookies kept up morale. After getting through the canal, we stopped for lunch whilst deciding on our afternoon plan (the night before we had ambitiously planned to do 8 hours of sailing after lunch!!). Soup warmed us all up, thank God we finally listened to teammate Kate, who has been wanting soup for days! We decided to continue, despite the strong gale force (number 8, increasing 9 at times :)) winds and rain-George was very excited!. We all a very positive mental attitude, and refused to let the rough seas get the better of us! To keep spirits up, and to stop the seasickness, we sang very very loudly and poorly! Songs included a full rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, it was almost as if Freddy Mercury was in the boat with us, Mamma Mia (but just the chorus, as pointed out by Captain Col), and a selection of school hymns! Due to the strong waves which kept coming over the front of the boat, some of us got very wet, as we weren’t quick enough to grab a seat right underneath the hood ie teammatesJenny, Kate, Amy and Beth, whilst others, ie Lizzie, stayed bone dry! Teammate Jenny had a minor fruit pastille explosion when opening the bag…they turned very salty quickly so we set them free in the sea. George discovered fenders can be used as space hoppers! Thanks to the rough seas, and the fact that Colin had about a ton of salt in his eyes after trying to steer, we stopped at East Loch Tarbot at about 5. This gave us plenty of time for Laura and Kate to make a delicious pasta bake, aided by Phil (who, we found out today, won Ready Steady Cook many years ago!!) and to have a very welcome shower. Much to our excitement, we played George’s cup game (she learnt this at a Jewish American Summer Camp!) which proved hilarious, if a little tricky! We are about to plan our route for tomorrow, so see you then teammates! xoxo

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Saturday 22nd August

To make a change from yesterday’s frantic antics when we woke up, today was much more relaxed, as we were still asleep at nine (when we were supposed to be eating breakfast). It was a lovely breezy and sunny day, quite unusual for Scotland! The Tenacity gently motored down Dorus Mhor whilst teammate Beth steered and teammates Lizzie, Laura and Louise had a Connect Four competition on the deck (winner as yet undecided). Having to keep a careful eye on the depth brought an end to this wonderful competition! We then turned into the loch just before the Crinan Canal, where we saw Dolly the Dolphin, her friend, Harold the Heron and Doug the dragonfly (named imaginatively by teammates Lizzie and Louise). Meanwhile, teammate Phil was cooking leftover chicken thighs which made a surprisingly yummy coronation chicken (not for teammate Kate). Much to the team’s excitement, it was soon time to experience out first lock which was surprisingly easy to negotiate considering the lock keepers did it for us and we didn’t have to do anything. We were unpleasantly surprised to discover how difficult the locks were to operate when we had to do it ourselves (when trying to throw the ropes to the people waiting at the top of the locks, we learnt that ropes are affected by gravity and that wet ropes are just a bit gross). The locks were getting increasingly harder to operate (as teammate Lizzie discovered when she fell over when trying to push one open. Teammate Beth laughed.), and we were starting to get tired. But the sun coming out meant the teammates could, for the first time in the trip, shed their waterproofs (trousers AND jackets!) and sail wearing normal clothing, meaning that we finally didn’t feel hideously overdressed compared to the people in the boat next to us who were in shorts . Teammate George impressed the team with her headstand on a moving boat, possibly inspired by teammate Lizzie’s attempts at gymnastics (which failed miserably by the way). One of the funniest moments of the day came as Tenacity approached a bridge and someone had to sound a horn to let someone know to open the bridge. Teammate Beth sounded a sports horn which was so surprisingly loud that she was nearly knocked over. After several more locks, we finally moored up next to our new friends in the boat which had sailed alongside us all the way. Teammates Beth and Lizzie made a (in the words of team mate Catherine)a scrumptious Shepherds (sorry Cottage) Pie. Shockingly, it didn’t rain all day, apart from a few minutes when were we already moored! Hopefully the team will have time to play Articulate before bed! See you tomorrow shipmates! xoxo

Friday, 21 August 2009

Friday 21st August

After a night of the quickest and most stressful showers the group has ever had, plus teammates Lizzie and Louise’s very successful fishing (2 fish were caught!), we were told we had to be ready to sail away at 7.30…AM! As Port watch made their way onto deck ready to leave Tobermory, the starboard crew made a quite hectic breakfast, which involved attempting to make toast using a temperamental grill (Laura perfected the technique after a few slices).Just after setting off, there was massive excitement as we spotted Roman Abramovich’s yacht (called le grande bleu-very funny when said in a Russian accent), which had a helicopter, yacht and a speed boat attached. As we all gathered on deck, we experienced our first rough seas. Teammate Lizzie won the prize for the first person to be physically sea sick, but soon got over this by bouncing around on the back of the boat as it hit the biggest waves with teammates George and Louise!!! After deciding the seas were too rough to continue sailing in this direction (there were gale force 8 winds!), we turned around and headed back down the Sound of Mull. It was here where we spotted 2 basking sharks, Barry and Barry’s friend, much to the group’s amusement, and many recreations of the Jaws soundtrack. As a few of the group were feeling nauseous, lunch was a quick sandwich before getting back on deck for some fresh air…although George did manage to spill half a glass of orange juice all over herself, Lizzie and the pringles after a particularly big wave! Starboard crew took over for a couple of hours, which proved to be a great time, with teammate Laura proving a bit of a pro at steering and sunny skies. Meanwhile, the Port crew made a cake, which was a great morale booster, despite being a teeny bit burnt. Roman Abramovich’s yacht reappeared, but much closer this time…the crew waved very enthusiastically but we don’t think Roman was as happy to see us. Some crew members feeling less queasy began chopping numerous vegetables for tea, including 9 red onions, which caused tears all round, to the tune of Chris Martin singing “when the tears come streaming down your face” in Coldplay’s Fix You! 12 hours after we set off, we arrived at our marina, all exhausted. See you tomorrow teammates! xoxo