Saturday, 20 March 2010

Gold D of E training 2010

19th March 2010
Yesterday, we arrived after sixth form to be greeted by Andy, Colin and Georgie. We first went to see the boat, we were all EXETREMELY worried about the size of the boat, but once inside realised there was just enough room. We unpacked while the instructors prepared our tea. The pizza was a good welcome to the boat. With the rest of the night we just relaxed and played some games. We played Articulate which was rather hilarious as everyone was rubbish at it and Andy impressed us with his knowledge of the Spice Girls and Pretty Woman, lol. Then the instructors left us on our own in the main room to talk. When it go to 11 o’clock we were all pretty tired and went to bed. Our eighth member arrived at about half 11 after her school production. Then we were out for the night. Michelle, Emma and Preeya
20th March 2010
We split up into 2 groups in the morning, one group went with Andy out in the marina. Whilst we had fun having a go in the dinghy, Colin’s group had to stay on the boat and put up sails. Some of us mastered the art of steering the dinghy A LOT quicker than others, much to Andy’s amusement! Luckily we didn’t kill any ducks or crash into any boats although there were some pretty close shaves! We then headed back to the boat for lunch, which was sandwiches with cheese and everything else; crisps, cucumber, lettuce, and oddly enough apple thanks to Michelle. After lunch we swapped activities. We hauled the main and the mizzen sail up onto the mast. Then the other team came back and we learnt how to put sails in and out. We raced each other to see which team could do it fastest and it was a draw. Then we called it a day and had tea- pasta with sauce and garlic bread. We even had a caterpillar cake called Boris/Cameron/Calvin for dessert :D We’re all really tired now especially after the talk about routes :P, a member of the group, Zaakirah, has actually fallen asleep at the table in front of us! Lmao. Time for bed! Night night! Preeya and Shakti