Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wet Thursday

Today four of us got up at 8:10 as we needed to move the boat from the outer harbour and into the place where you refill the boats fuel while the other four had a lie in! About ten minutes later the other four had to go on deck and move the boat again to its permanent docking place! By then it was lunch time and we had YUMMY hot dogs. We were then told that Joe and Krystl had a surprise. We then went for a walk and Charlotte said to Joe “Is the surprise ice-cream?” and Joe said no. We then all said it’s not a surprise unless it’s edible! Then we found out that the surprise was a park and we all changed from 12 year olds to 3 year olds-even Joe and Krystl! After an unusual trip to the park we went to a shop and bought ice lollies to make our trip complete! Our ice lollies were different colours and some of our tongues turned blue! As we were walking back to the boat we saw some of the cutest of the birds ever! They ranged from ducks to swans. We had to feed them! Afterwards we walked back to the boat and were told to wash our muddy shoes! We found out that all the birds and swans had followed us to the boat and wanted some more food. We decided to call the two swans Bob and Jules! We eventually made tea and it was an amazing turkey curry-it went down so fast that it went down in five seconds! Then some of us went to the toilets and found out that Deeanne and Amelie are not the people to tell when your being followed by a stalker because they will run away screaming! It was the best joke EVER! Over all it was an amazing day that we will remember!

By Elsbeth and Rosie. 

Wednesdays photos

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Wednesdays long sail

We had to get up at 6:45am in the morning! After getting ready we slipped the bow and stern and set off on our 11 hour journey. We saw part of Scotland and we saw St Bees Heads. The wind was not coming from the right direction for us to harness it for power, so we had to use the motor. At lunch we ate jacket potatoes and we then had a jacket potato race. After lunch we then played cards. During, the day Rosie slept for 10 of the 11 hours of our journey. Though the day nearly everyone felt ill except from Emily, the only person who threw up was Elsbeth. Also, Emily started dancing on the back of the boat. Finally, we arrived at Glasson dock at 7pm but got stuck on a bump in the ground. For tea, we had fish (cod), new potatoes, peas and Yorkshire pudding. By Abigail and Trinity.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Ocean day

This morning we had a very early start; we had to be ready to be on deck for 8:30am. Breakfast was short including cereals and milk. We started our 9 hours journey to Whitehaven from Piel Island. The weather was on our side today, meaning we could use the sails more than the engine. As we departed Piel Island we came across the same family of seals that we saw yesterday. We all got at least 20 minutes of sailing each today, getting better and better every time. Today, our group made sandwiches for lunch; while making them it made us feel very sea-sick. We were in the ocean today; this meant we had to use the tether for our first time. Unfortunately, people had forgotten this so they (Charlotte) got tangled up or in Charlotte’s case, falling over. On our 9 hour journey we passed The Lake District; we could see Scotland! Our first and second mate played a game where you had to name all the mountains in the Lake District. After a very long journey we finally arrived at Whitehaven!  After docking we treated ourselves to chocolate and biscuits. J J   Charlotte and Amélie

Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday in a snapshot

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Sunny Monday

Today was our first day on Tenacity. We woke up at 8:00 AM and four of us got to work making breakfast. The meal included bacon, eggs, toast and cereal. After cleaning up we got up on the dock. This is when we discovered our interesting kit of waterproof overalls, coat and life jacket. We also got a tether to attach us to the boat when we’re out of the safety zone. It took a while to find the right sizes and to adjust the life jacket. Afterwards, we learnt two knots, the bowline and the round turn two hitches. For the bowline knot we learnt two different ways in our groups, and then had a competition to see which is faster. Next we had some free time, which included an enthusiastic version of YMCA, dancing and all. The four of us that didn’t make breakfast made lunch. We made ham, cheese or nutella sandwiches. After lunch we got our gear back on and left the marina at 4:00 PM. After a while we put up the sails, which was a lot of hard work. A bit later we all got to steer the boat for a while, which is quite a lot harder than it looks! The first island that we got to had a bunch of seals on it. They smelt disgusting. One girl described them as giant slugs. Three hours after leaving we arrived at Piel island. By this time the sun was setting and there were no other boats in sight. The castle was one of the only buildings on this small island and was beautiful. Next we needed to drop the anchor and stop for the night. We ended the day with a great meal. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday evening.

Just to let you all know that the girls are safely aboard, have had their first meal together, and are settling in well. The next blog should be to-morrow (Monday) night and will be written by the young ladies. Ian.

Map of Year 8 Voyage 7 - 12 October 2012

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