Saturday, 30 March 2013

30th March 2013

What a day! After an early start, we all prepared to go on deck but were disappointed when there was a fault with the engine. In order to kill some time whilst Max fixed the problem, we all spent some time baking cookies whilst Jess, Madi and Sarah decided to clean the deck. We managed to solve the problem and set sail at about 11:30 after planning our route to Buttock Point. At first we were slow to start but when we got the hang of sailing we managed to speed up. On our way we saw the Maids of Bute which meant it was story time from Max along with sites of a seal and submarine. Taylor took the helm first whilst Madi, Vicky and Emily started preparing jacket potatoes for lunch. They then put them in the oven but unfortunately, after four hours of waiting around impatiently, they realised they hadn’t switched the oven on! Luckily we had had a second breakfast and made soup and bread around the time we should have eaten lunch. This meant that we used many pots and plates and we are now experts at washing up so parents don’t need to worry! Holly, Alliyah, Sarah, Emily and Vicky started to prepare dinner. We averted to using the engine in order to reach a suitable place to anchor and ended up just in time to see a beautiful sunset with lots of scenery, seeing Emmerdale on one side and the Alps on the other. Jess and Vicky helped to put the anchor down whilst Taylor and Madi checked that the chain didn’t get tangled. Sarah, Holly, Alliyah and Emily then called us all in for a well deserved dinner after our first full day on tenacity. They cooked us prawn and chicken fajitas which tasted great and once again we were faced with a lot of washing up, our favourite job. After dinner, we spent some time planning our meals for the expedition and finished the night lay on the deck looking up at the stars.

Happy Easter for tomorrow. Today Max convinced us all that there is a postman that arrives to deliver post to all the ships in the sea so we are all hoping the easter bunny will visit us in a similar fashion tomorrow!

Love from Jess and Vicky. xxxx

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Interim Blog Post

Just a quick blog post to let everyone know that all is well on board Tenacity with the Silver D of E group.  The group have settled in well and have enjoyed a good days sail today, you can see their route on the map below, and with fair winds forecast there is plenty more good sailing to come.

They will update the blog when they can but are at the moment struggling with poor reception on board for accessing the Internet.

Blog posted by the team at Patterdale Hall

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Girls D of E - 29th March to 4th April

Tenacity March 29th 2013

We arrived at school at 8 am on Friday morning. We set off for the long journey four and a half hour journey ahead, having met our two instructors at Penrith half way through the journey. At midday we arrived at Largs marina, where we collected our bags and met tenacity on the harbour. After settling on the boat, discussing the rota for the upcoming week and our possible meal plans, two of us made a quick trip to Morrisons to buy three days worth of food for all eleven of us. They successfully managed to spend around three pounds a day per person, a very reasonable amount. Meanwhile, the rest of us were given safety instructions and kitted with waterproofs and life jackets.
We left the marina at 5 pm and headed out to the nearest island. We learnt about the boat fenders, how to tie different knots, how to be ‘ship-shape’ at all times, how to save a man overboard and about the many different features of a ship. We split into two teams; the bow and stern team, to help us manage the boat.

Finally, after putting the anchor down for the night, we started making an ambitious dinner of chorizo and chicken tomato pasta, with a soup starter, coordinating the cooking jobs between us all. After this we washed up (being well trained teenagers), made hot chocolates, decided on the journey for tomorrow and had a relatively early night after a tiring first day.

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Girls Silver D of E

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