Monday, 1 July 2013

A very happy sail

This morning was an early start as we hoped to make it back to Piel Island. However due to weather forecast  anchoring there over night would have been very uncomfortable and rough so we continued down the coast to a marina in Fleetwood. Despite the wind making Piel Island an unfavourable option to anchor overnight in, the weather was much better than previous days, so far few people were seasick, and several of us even got sunburnt. Everyone was in much better spirits and the sing song continued from the previous day. The high spirits were helped along by seeing a funnily named boat, Prawn Star (proper banter). Over all it was a much better day sailing for most of us, ending with a delicious cheese and broccoli pasta prepared by Suzie, Vicky and Juliet (pudding was a bit of a letdown as Tesco value chocolate roll, whilst being a good deal, apparently tastes less like chocolate and more like crayons). 

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